Monday, September 3, 2012

Branching Out

Hi all, sorry, no amazingly brilliant posts to make (yet!)

I knew that these ents would be hard work, but boy did I underestimate!

Don't get me wrong, they're fabulous, but those branches - there are lots of them!

I have the worst glue for the job too, it's really slow setting, so I can only do about one branch on each ent per day. Though if I'm hasty - very un-entish - I can do two.

They're really coming together though, and are a lot of fun, just not for those with un-entish patience.

Here they are with their mate Radagast. At this stage all I've done is the legs and arms. I did a little change or two to the arm positioning and am hoping my incredibly awful greenstuff skill will help =)

Some of you wondered about the scale - here's the Birch tree next to a mini. It's called Birch Tree Giant from Majestic Bear miniatures:

Here's the Willow looking very plain at this stage, it's properly called Willow Tree Giant and is another Majestic Bear miniature:

And as of today, here's the front of the willow. I've been gluing the branches on in numerical order. Oh, that's right - they are numbered! The instructions are both numbered and colour coded and are really well put together with shots from all angles, I won't show you here because I don't want to infringe on the rights, but trust me - they're really great instructions!

And from the back. You can see a few holes left to plug up with some more branches, just three to go! The blu-tac holds them in place for the 12-24 hours I've been giving them to set. Even so they're a bit fragile, thin sticks as you'd expect. So once they're all dry I'll probably drip a few more drops of super glue on each joint, then smear liquid greenstuff all around the place for some more support and hiding of the seams. 

And the birch from the front:

And from the back, you may note if you look at other pictures that I've put some branches in different places. I can't help it, I just have to do it at least a little bit different. Also, the repositioning meant that some branches overlapped a bit. It's a tree-like giant though, so I don't think it really matters where you put the branches!

Can I mention again how much I love these sculpts - I'll ruin them a bit with my hack awful greenstuffing, but I think they'll still be phenomenal. Won't update for a bit now, have a major assignment due in a couple of weeks, I'll plug away at the last few branches and put up some shots when they're done though.

If you're even vaguely interested in these, check out Majestic Bear website for the third ent that's been done (I only had enough money for two at this stage!) and some other cool minis!


  1. For their price and looks, they are an extremely good buy. Looking forward to watch their painting!

  2. They're looking fantastic with the branches starting to come on!

  3. Coming on very well, looking forward to seeing your final work and Radagast conversion.