Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Birch Ent Done!

So I was thinking about the name of the Birch Ent and came up with this:

uireb = eternal
iavas = autumn

Uireb-iavas, or Leaf-fall for short. He has been permanently in a state of Autumn since the leaving of the Entwives. Autumn coloured leaves continually fall from him, and since he often spends decades standing in one place entire groves of trees have sprung up from the fertilising leaf-litter that is shed around him.

The elves love the colours, although they are always sympathetically sad for his loss.

Anyway, here's a great pic I found of an autumn tree:


And here are the shots of Uireb-iavas, or Leaf-fall... I apologise for the horrible lighting again - he's too big to fit in my milk-bottle lightbox, the first two shots are under my desk lamp so are incredibly bright and washed out...

And these shots are just too dark, but here's the front...

Left side...


Right side...

And the face... The eyes are too blurred out to see in this shrunken shot, they are yellow just around the edges, big black pupil and a tiny green spot in the middle. I'll try and get a better shot because I'm quite proud of how they turned out!

So there you go! The sad story and painted Ent number 1 =) 

I look forward to trying to take some better shots for you (and me).

I may also do some more touching up and mount him on a bigger base as I'm worried this one will slide around too much on our board.

Can I just say one more time what an awesome sculpt this was and how much fun it was to paint!

If you're keen to have a go, head here: http://www.majesticbear.net/products/

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  1. I can say that the autumnal style, looks pretty neat on this one, better than the majesticbear's painting, or the GW's one. And the eyes fit into Tolkien's description! :)
    Well done!