Sunday, September 16, 2012

Now THAT'S ENTertainmENT!

Yay! The Ents are done! Prepare yourself for a barrage of shots =)

Remember they are the great sculpts from Majestic Bear Miniatures:

As always, clicky click for bigger versions.

Here is the Birch Tree Giant from the front...




And here's from a slightly higher elevation to see the base a little more clearly...

And if you look at the full image (click) you'll see the eyes of which I am so proud =)

And now onto the Willow Tree Giant...

Left view...

Back view...


Slightly elevated view - I love how tree-like it looks...

Direct top-view - check out how well the foliage curtains around the whole mini. It's quite hard to show in flat pictures just how 3-D it all is, so cool!

And here's an attempt of a close up of the face, again I like the eyes =)

And here's the warband so far, just missing Radagast and he's almost ready to paint now =)

Two ents, three eagles and a wizard - sounds fun =)

So there you go, I'm pretty happy with the team so far and can't wait to get to Radagast. Will try to do the final touches on the conversion during the week (but not before Wednesday) so maybe I'll show you some updates next weekend!

Thanks again to the brilliant sculpting of ukfreddybear at Majestic Bear Miniatures - if you like the ents, there are these two, and another, and some other great sculpts over at his website:


  1. Congrats on the paint up! The earthy tones across the group of minis make them all go together well

  2. The Ents look fantastic! Definitely going to have to pick up a couple myself now! Can't wait to see them in action!

  3. Smart looking force, well done.

  4. Fantastic work! I definitely need to pick some of these Ents up! :D
    Now where's my wallet? :/

  5. Thanks all =) I really do recommend picking these guys up, you'll have some work constructing them, the Willow in particular, but they paint up so easily and well.

    Even if you're not going to play with them, they look great just as desk ornaments =) I'm looking at mine right now!

    1. yo sims wassup! you gonna post a battle report with them ents ?!!!
      totally looki'n forward to them!


    2. I'd LOVE to do another battle report, but just don't have that many hours in a row to get a game in at the moment! Sorry! Definitely on my to do list, just gotta get a half day free =(

  6. looking great, their bases blend in as well