Friday, September 21, 2012

Mounted Radagast First Coat

Slopped on the first coat of paint on my mounted Radagast and his foot-sore duplicate...


Pretty straightforward colours I think. Reddy brown for the stag body, darker brown for the shaggy bits.

I think the cloak bit actually works okay?

So looking alright I think so far! As always, the highlight and wash will hopefully give the depth etc. that really makes it work!


  1. He is looking pretty fine, a very nice conversion. With the movies "The Hobbit", and the release of new models, like the Beornings, it's better you chose not to pick a bear, but a stag.
    Also, your idea is tons cooler than Peter Jackson's (Radagast in a sled of giant bunnies, I kid you not!)

  2. The stag conversion turned out good! Looking forward to seeing the final figure.

  3. savage idea using the stag, its a great looking conversion, nicely executed too.