Monday, September 24, 2012

Stag Mounted Radagast Complete

Well, my course hasn't uploaded my next assignment yet, so I had 3 hours free today to paint!

Finished off my Radagasts!

This is fantastic as we're off to New Zealand on the weekend/next week and I really wanted to get them both done before then!

Popped them in my handy milk bottle lightbox =)

Hmm, his eyes look just a teeny bit bugged out from this low angle!

And here he is from a more side-on view. Really am impressed with the new Citadel paints. You know my mantra is to use straight out of the pot paints and the new range worked really well for this. So far all I've got is the two browns mentioned in the Ent WIP but I think I'll pick up the flesh range too as I only have Elf Flesh and Tallarn Flesh which makes the skin hard to get a smooth tone on. 

And the back, which is mostly cloak, I really like using the new drybrush paints and the wash and drybrush combo with the layers gives me a really simple, easy to do cloak that I think looks pretty good for no fancy techniques or colour mixes!

And for our stag mounted Radagast, here he is finished off! The combination of Sepia and Brown washes are what shaded the horns of the stag.

Here's a more front-on view, you can see the way the drybrush picked out the feathery bits on the bird, really easily done compared to my old drybrushing technique which was just never quite good with normal paints.

And from the side, just used a bit of the leftover Ent foliage for the greenery sprouting up around the staff. Hopefully it hides the dodgy stag leg =)

And the back, I really enjoyed painting this model, so well sculpted that all the details were nice and sharp.

And an angle from a little above to face his eyes, he looks ready to spend a whole battle hiding and healing while his friends do the pounding =)

Just to remind those who are interested, the stag is a model from a french company, you get four animals in this particular pack (originally I was going to use the bear!) and the url:

Well there you go!

Later in the week I'll try to pop over to my brother's house for the army shot with the ents and eagles as well. I think it always helps with my bases to see them on the full board.


  1. As always, Perfection!
    Good idea to cover the hand-made leg with the foliage also.
    And have a nice trip!

  2. Great work on the painting. Also, love the cloak on both, and the bird came up really well too!

  3. wouldn't have noticed the leg if you hadn't of said anything!

  4. Beautiful bird. Seriously. Love that you made it into a falcon rather than a raven. Very creative.

  5. do you feel as if the lort/hobbit game is in decline, i have fears that as the prices go up and they get rid of the 24 sets, as well as being limited to tolkiens creations and not being allowed to create there own, that it will be dumped in the specialised games and forgotten by gw

    1. A) nope
      B) I only play versus my brother so have no idea what " in decline" means in this context.
      C) there are non-Tolkien creatures already in the gw catalogue
      D) the game system is simpler and for me better than the other ones
      E) the hobbit movies will add a lot more, particularly if there are lots of silmarillon flashbacks
      F) I still play monopoly, scrabble, and other games that haven't had updates in quite a while =)