Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mounted Radagast Almost Done

Well, with a few hours here and there over the last few days I've had a good go at ye olde Radagast.

I've (mostly) been doing them both at the same time so as to make sure I use the same colours on each one! But then I got carried away on the stag mounted Radagast so the standing one isn't quite as complete.

Anyway, here is normal Radagast with the first two layers and washes...

And here's the cloak on the back. I actually quite liked it at this stage. It's just one brown layer and a wash.

And here's the pretty much completed stag mounted Radagast. I still have to do the claws on the bird and the base. You might need to click the image for a larger version, or just wait until he's done and I'll post some better shots.

The other front view... Man that light bulb is harsh! Note the front sculpted leg on the stag, not bad for my skill level, though probably too thick. The greenery growing up around it will help hide that. Oh, and just realised I haven't done the hooves yet either!

Back, I think the cloak over the stag's back worked out okay in the end, not brilliant, but okay.

And the other back shot...

Here's an extreme close-up. I actually got the eyes looking in the same direction, sort of upwards in line with his body pose. Quite proud of the eyebrows too in a self-congratulatory way =) Obviously the lighting and closeness of the shot make it look a little harsher than it really is, but thought you might like to see what colours I used etc.

So there you go, almost done with the mounted version and well on the way with the standing version. I quite like how it's all come together and can't wait to see stag mounted Radagast with his ent and eagle friends!


  1. Oh wow!! Not only does the conversion seem flawless, the paint job is incredible (as is the foot version)!!

    I love the way you painted the eyes on the stag! Incredible!

    BTW, what manufacturer makes the stag?

    1. Thanks Bilbo =)

      Fenryll miniatures for the stag:

      Part of the Animals Pack (ANI 01)

    2. Ahhh...many thanks, I'll check that out! :)

  2. Yo Sims wassup totaly cool like bear thingy. col paintin gotta work on greenstuf skills though looks SO LOL.