Friday, September 7, 2012

Ents on Bases

Well, the birch ent and willow ent are now glued, based and green-stuffed.

I decided to go with an Autumnal theme for the Birch Ent. So I'll paint the few leaves on the branches in yellows, oranges and reds. Of course, to make it work a little better with the sparse foliage I thought I'd better add some fallen leaves to the ground. 

Here was a simple way to do it (note: simple doesn't equal great!)

I just rolled out a long thin greenstuff cylinder, waited for it to cure, then pushed down diagonally lengthwise along half of it with the straight handle of the hobby knife you can see in the picture. This made sort of a cylindricalish prism of teardrop shapes. 

By slicing it into thin sections you get lots of little leaf-shaped greenstuff objects.

I glued some of them onto the birch ent itself, and noted as I did so that the sculpted ones are about a bazillion times nicer than mine! Oh well.

Then I glued a dozenish to the base as well so that the theme carries over. I also made a few patches of my usual sandy base to try and blend the texture of the base into my playing board.

As for the willow ent I slathered greenstuff over all the joins and tried my best to keep it looking rough, hoping that the occasional smoothish patch won't be too noticeable when it's all painted up.

Oh and the base is just a few bits of flat gravel and then lots of sand. 

Well, that'll be all the work I do on it for at least the next three days as my paints haven't arrived yet. If the weather is nice I'll spray-paint them sometime. Not sure if I'll spray black or white yet. I keep changing my mind.


  1. Fantastic looking Ents! I think the leaves look great. :D

  2. That worked well, with the little leaves scattered on the base

  3. Can't wait to see them painted up - the leaves on the base are great!

  4. Nice tip on making leaves, might give that a go sometime.

  5. painted haradrim chieftain in the background of the birch tree giant photos