Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Branches Up

Well, all the branches are glued in now. Boy, that was fidgety fussy work and I think I got some in the wrong places (sometimes because I wanted to, sometimes because I just don't have the required skills).

Birch front view, I think I'll either get a "normal" 60mm base or at least raise it a little. I find the metal bottomed ones slide a little too much on my table.

From the side, I'm realising that these shots just look like shiny metal. Hopefully when it's painted you'll get some of the 3Dness.

And the back...

And the final side. I tried to sort of get it so that no matter what angle you look you see branches.

In contrast, the willow I tried to put the branches all where they were supposed to be. It's SO COOL how all the branches interweave and stuff. Having said that, the joins are terrible (my fault, not the model) and I'm hoping that some extra glue and liquid greenstuff will hide them enough so that when it's painted and the greenery hung you won't notice.

Side view, look at all those fabulous branches!

Even the back has lots so that there will be greenery hanging in a drape all around.

And the last side, I like how the hands sort of look similar to the branches.

So there you go, still have to put the willow on a base and attempt to add some glue and liquid greenstuff to the joins before I even think about painting. 

Coming together a bit at a time though! Ordered some new paints from GW so that I can actually paint it someday =)


  1. Nice! What are you going to use for the greenery?

    1. The Willow Ent comes with ferny frond bits to hang down. The Birch Ent I'll do in an autumn theme so that most of the leaves will have fallen off. Handy for painting and my skill level of sculpting/working with plants etc. =)

  2. How is the size of the base compared to the ones at GW?

    cool looking ents!

    1. Standard 60mm base. It's not as high and the edges aren't bevelled outwards, but otherwise it's 60mm. If you put it on top of a GW base it exactly fits on top.