Thursday, September 27, 2012

Blue Hasharin

Well, I finally painted up my Hasharin, he's been sitting undercoated black since before I started work on the Ents!

Sat down yesterday and painted him up. Took about two hours all up.

I think that makes me pretty slow, but I'm happy with the result =)

Went with the same blue scheme as my other Haradrim. The cloak is barely highlighted up from the really dark blue to a glimpse of Enchanted Blue. The clothes are highlighted up to Ice Blue so it's all blue but the clothes are a bit lighter than the cloak. I didn't want a pure black assassiny look, but still wanted him to be pretty dark.

On the side of the hood I did a tiny scorpion motif to fit the general theme. The blade has a slight green wash, heavier near the tip. 

I put tiny little script on the blowpipe, maybe it's enchanted or something? Perhaps the symbols are the initials of all the men he's killed.

And here's a view of the cloak with the scorpion on the other side of the hood.

And lastly a front view of the face, showing his evil eyes =)

So there you go, a leader for some as yet unpainted Haradrim =)


  1. Wow. Very impressive. Your painting skills have really improved a ton over the past year. Your most recent stuff leaves your already-impressive dwarves in the dust.

  2. Very, very cool. I'm quite envious of your ability to paint faces and eyes :)

  3. Again, great work on the cloak! And the colouring on the blowpipe looks particularly realistic too! The milk bottle photo-ing shows the minis really well.

  4. Thanks all, kind words =)
    Part of it is the new paints, part of it is the metal sculpts and (I'd like to think) part of it is increasing skill!

  5. How, how on earth can you paint such small details so nicely? The scorpion is stunning!
    I envy your skills!

  6. battle report coming?

  7. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your prize this guy won for you.