Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Good Monster Army

At loooooooong last after months and months and months of collecting and painting...

My Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game Good Monster Army (also Stag Mounted Radagast).

The back story for those who haven't been following up until now is that Radagast, always friend to birds, animals and plants, has heard from a long line of whispers that an entwife has been seen. This would be incredibly exciting to his Entish friends, so with the help of some friendly eagles the band sets off. This may not have been the mission that Radagast was first sent to perform, but he thinks it important enough to do - even though it means travelling through some very barren landscapes.

The ents are named Leaf-fall and Shy-bark. Leaf-fall is my Treebeard equivalent.

The eagles are Barukshathur (Axes of the Clouds), my Gwaihir equivalent, Sky-wolf (known for always pouncing right down low to the ground) and... something I'm yet to come up with.

Here they all are on the board and terrain that we play on - hopefully that makes more sense to those of you who pondered my drab bases!

Closer views of the left hand side of the picture...

And the right hand side...

I zoomed right back so that you can see just how much land they cover with so many large sized bases, it's on a 2 foot by 2 foot Citadel Realm of Battle gameboard (you can see more shots of it in our many battle reports and how I made it right in the very earliest blog entries).

And if Radagast dismounts it looks more like this...

Oops, how did these gratuitous shots of minis get here...

Wherever Radagast goes he has the power to bring life to the barren wastes, causing greenery to spring up in even the most unlikely of places...

And I'm really proud of this cloak, easily the best I've done!

I had a few questions about scale, so here is Shy-bark next to mounted Radagast...

And even on an elevated bit of rock, the Wizard is still dwarfed by the Ent!

So how does one transport three Great Eagles, two Ents and a Wizard mounted on a stag? Very carefully. But in the absence of that some blu-tac and a cardboard box.

Off to New Zealand for a week and then madly catching up on uni work, but in a few weeks I'm hoping to convince my brother to play a game so I can finally get a battle report up on the site!


  1. Very nice work, and a fine looking force.
    Shame you couldn't bring 'em with you to NZ, we could have had a game ;-)

    1. Hehe, nice idea! We'll be in Auckland and while my wife works all day I'll be pretty busy keeping a 20 month old hyper-active boy busy! Looking forward to seeing some new sights with him, but he'd never sit still long enough to get a game in!

  2. Very nice, I especially like the willow ent :)

  3. Really nice army - and good to see a player actually using Radagast!

  4. that's awesome, you could even add some hunting dogs(farmer maggots dogs) which you can do without him.